Mysticism & Lived Experience Network

The Mysticism and Lived Experience Network is dedicated to supporting the study of the lived experiences of medieval mystics and visionaries. The network brings together scholars from diverse fields whose research examines how the personal and the biographical contribute to the spiritual and theological outlook of individual mystics and holy persons.

In order to expand the academic scholarship on these remarkable individuals, and eschew the generalizations that can overshadow their unique experiences, we hope to emphasize how their personal experience influenced their conceptualization of the Divine, and communication with and about the Divine.  As a network, we hope to promote this area of study,  through the exchanges of ideas, academic cooperations, and project developments.

The M&LE Network was founded by Einat Klafter (Tel Aviv University) and Amanda Langley (Queen Mary University of London). It is a fully-inclusive space to support and encourage scholarship. The Network seeks to minimize gatekeeping and exclusionary academic practices, and believes that making research accessible promotes a productive and innovative academic community.